Innovation management


Many of your customers have a way, but do not realize what they really need.
I recognize the benefits reliably and help you to create smart solutions.




Are today’s solutions valid in the
I create “design rules” to keep the future in your hands.




In the real world, you often do not see “the forest full of trees.”
I’m taking the problem to an abstract level. With it you can quickly find the sore spot in the real world.



My offer

Situation analysis

Capture the current situation

Determination of the clientele

Preparing the customer survey

Conduct customer survey or

Determining innovation


Idea generation

Capture the current situation

Determining a team

Conducting a creative workshop

Documentation of Ideas


Idea evaluation

Capture the current situation

Compilation of the team

Creating assessment criteria

Prioritizing ideas

Documentation of the evaluation process

Making recommendations


Analysis of customer benefits – Laboratory equipment

The SELFRAG-Lab is a standard product sold worldwide. As the development of high-voltage pulse systems require high investment, only improvements, simplifications and amendments should be introduced that generate significant benefits to customers.

My contribution

Defining the optimal innovation method
Defining the involved clients
Conducting the customer interviews
Combining the feedback
Presentation of the results.


An R&D-Roadmap has been prepared to determine long-term investments and time horizons. The basis was the strategic market and sales planning.

All technical ideas and options were analyzed in terms of cost and time. Milestones were set using a stage-gate process.

My contribution

Gathering ideas in a team, using different creative methods
Prioritizing ideas
Defining the stages and gates for each idea
Cost and time estimation
Merging all the information
Optimizing the MS-Project for a better overview
Discussion of the roadmap

This is what others say about my work

Daniel ZinggProject managerComet AG

“Mr. Müller-Siebert successfully supported us in a cost reduction project of a HV generator family.

His independent analysis led to additional savings potential, which was realized in the context of the project.

For us the “view from the outside” was very helpful to make sure that we do not forget any reduction potential.”

Comet AG

Franz WyssCEOSefag Components AG

“From a customer need, we came up with the idea of an innovative flexible connection for busbars. However, we could not say if it meets the thermal and mechanical requirements. we have found Reinhard Müller-Siebert is the right partner to answer these questions. He has shown that the current flow does not reach the limit temperature and that the connection is mechanically stable even in the event of a short circuit. His statements were confirmed in the test.”

sefag components AG

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