About me

Innovative maker – Reinhard Müller-Siebert

My technical experience

High Voltage and isolation technique 98%
High pulse current, AC, and pulsed power 95%
Simulation and modeling 92%
Instrumentation and electronics 73%
Control 67%
Vacuum, cryogenics and pressure 56%
Lasers, optics and photonics 51%

My methodical knowledge

Project management, Development project management 97%
Innovation management, problem solving in the innovation process 93%
IP strategy, patent search and competition control 92%
Leadership 78%
Stage-Gate, Scrum and agile project management 73%
Risk analysis, EMC and certification 67%

Professional development

R&D-Coach, Consultant – since 4 years

Head of high-voltage development – 7 years

Group leader R&D – 2 years

Specialist in high-voltage engineering – 5 years

CAS Innovation Product Management

CAS Senior Engineers

Successful R&D project management

PhD in Physics University of Bonn (D) and University of Friborg (CH)

Physics Diploma University of Bonn (D)

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