IP and Patents

IP-Strategy and Patents

Ideas pool

Much has already been thought – why not use it?
I research the right ideas and check under what conditions they can be used.



Protect knowledge

When is it important to patent a development and so “to shout it from the rooftops”? And when is silence better?
I help with the right decision.



Rest of the world

Patents are an indicator of what your competition does.
My research is an ideal basis for your strategy.



My offer


Capture the current situation

Creating variants for IP protection

Cost estimates

Documentation of variants

Writing recommendations


Patent analysis

Capture the current situation

Definition of search keywords

Carrying out the search

Verifying results for relevance

Documentation of results


Evaluation of the patent portfolio

The task was to optimize the existing patent portfolio. The future costs should be reduced, but still the maximum protection should be maintained. The patent portfolio consisted of more than ten patents.

My contribution

Gathering historical costs
Creating a cost forecast up to the end of patent life time
Evaluating the scope
Analyzing relevance
Making recommendations (reducing countries and divisional applications)
Discussion of results

Competitors compare

The development of competition was followed among others by regular, periodic patent search. By skillfully filtering it was possible to carry out a pre-selection. The relevant patents could be summarized in a report for the management.

My contribution

Selecting the service provider for the search
Defining three different filters
Checking the filter results
Periodic extraction of the relevant patents
Creating a report

This is what others say about my work

Martin MünchPatent attorneyZürich

“For many years I worked with Mr. Müller-Siebert, who was my contact person for a client with a large international patent portfolio. His structured and pragmatic way of thinking made it possible to establish a highly efficient cooperation with a clear patent strategy and an optimal cost/benefit ratio.”

Develop your new technology with me