Project management

Project management


Many projects are overloaded with
requirements that are become
almost insurmountable obstacles.
I reliably prioritize the essence of the project’s success.




Who loses the overview, risks the
I take a holistic view and never lose the entire picture.



Internal knowledge

Enterprises under-utilse the knowledge of its employees often due to rigid standing.
I break through familiar and
established structures for successful projects.



My offer


Capture the current situation

Creating the specifications

Analysis of the specifications

Definition of key features and framework

Development of the specification


Project plan

Capture the current situation

Definition of the project goals

Analysis of the specification

Resource analysis

Develop a project plan
(time, budget, resources)


Lead project

Capture the current situation

Analysis of specification and
project plan

Select the project team members

Definition of roles

Determination of partners

Project Meeting

Project controlling

Corrections for deviations from the project plan

Communication about project

Complex systems – flexible generator

The fragmentation of new materials using high-voltage pulse technology requires a new process. With this flexible generator, a wide range of process parameters can be set (voltage, energy, throughput). This results in new application possibilities, new markets can be generated.

My contribution

Creating a specification sheet
All-over planning of the project
Conducting creative sessions
Selection of key components
Coordination between internal and external positions
Definition and execution of the test program

Innovation – Resonance Generator

The conventional pulse generators have many components in the high-load discharge circuit. This is error prone and expensive. The idea is to take the complexity out of the discharge circuit and transfer to the less critical charging circuit .

My contribution

Creating and coaching a preliminary study on different generator concepts
Selecting the project partners
Creating the specifications
Setting up the design rules for the prototype
Choosing the key components
Coordination between internal and external jobs
Definition and execution of the test program

This is what others say about my work

Frédéric Von der WeidCEOSELFRAG AG

“We needed to reduce the production cost of our impulse generators. Reinhard Müller-Siebert assessed different types of generators focused on feasibility and cost reductions. He selected the most suitable partner for the development. As project leader he built-up with the team a functional model and a prototype. He successfully demonstrated that the concept was viable. His work and findings supported the development of our new industrialized generator.”

selfrag AG

Develop your new technology with me