The bijou in a haystack

Bijou in a haystack - Market analysis - R&D-Coach - Haystack

As a boy, I occasionally helped bring the hay to the stage with a farmer. Once I lost a shoe, I could not find it alone in the gigantic amount of hay. Only with the help of the farmer, who knew his stage very well and asked me the right questions, was it possible to find my shoe and escape to be bawled out at home.

I still encounter the “haystack” today, albeit a bit more abstract and complicated: as a market for pulsed power applications. At that time, I knew exactly what to look for. In today’s “haystacks” you do not yet know what kind of bijou it hides in it. And another thing is different: Now I am the “farmer” who knows his bunch well and can search efficiently through the right questions.

And who is in the role of me today? They are companies that want to dare and grow. They want to expand their product range or even expand into the field of pulsed power. Just like a manufacturer of components that play a key role in pulsed power applications. He had little experience in the field, but he knew he needed to invest. In order to assess whether the investment would pay off, he wanted to know how big the potential market and how strong the competition is.

I’ve brought my diverse experience into a market study for him and answered both questions. For this I have used various techniques, such as an in-depth patent analysis. I have divided the market into the different applications and listed their special requirements. So, I could call my client the applications where an investment would be most worthwhile. The result was surprising and motivating for him.

Bijou in a haystack - Market analysis - R&D-Coach - Gem

Can I also help you find the bijou in your haystack?

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