What does the current corona crisis have to do with rockets?

Nothing superficially, or rather the opposite: the world is currently at a standstill and many companies work at half their strength. Whether they are not allowed to work on official instructions, their employees stay at home or they lack raw materials or preliminary products, for example from China.

Isn’t this calm a chance to think about how you want to start after the crisis? You may now say that you need to pay close attention to their liquidity. That’s right. Thinking about how you want to align yourself and how existing megatrends affect your portfolio do not cost a lot of money. You could even go further and seek concrete solutions to their problems and limitations that have always been disturbed. Delayed because the day-to-day business was, understandably, at top priority due to the generally difficult time. You can even have a concrete project plan for little money.

Sure, now you can and should motivate your employees to think about this. The “change of scenery” home office can also be an advantage here. Because it is known that good ideas go hand in hand with a change of environment. But do you have a professional who analyzes your situation and, because he is not in your organization, can work out the essentials? Who, through his experience and new approaches, creates a reliable project plan for you – for a successful start after the crisis?

R&D-Coach as a supporter of your projects

One thing is relatively certain: The (economic) world will change after this drastic event and whoever adapts to it can win. Whoever holds on to its current status quo is losing long term.

Build now with me your rocket which will take off your business after the corona crisis.

We develop technology – together

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