Consulting on high-voltage issues

SELFRAG AG needed advice and support for its development teams in the areas of high voltage and control.

Evaluating new design proposals for their high-voltage suitability and, in some cases, developing alternatives have been a large part of my consulting work.

I performed parametric FEM simulations for the high-voltage team. This made it possible to determine which measures can increase the efficiency of the high-voltage process and to what degree. From the results of the simulations, I developed a strategy to increase efficiency.

The analysis of fault cases at customer plants was another task of this mandate. I was able to quickly isolate the errors through suitable tests and thus propose reliable solutions.

In order to be able to provide good support to the development teams of SELFRAG AG even after my mandate, I have written a detailed design guide.

Targets and key figures

Core process examined with over 30 simulations
Strategy defined for lower energy losses
Faults in customer installations analyzed in a short time and solutions worked out
Comparable life tests enabled
Comprehensive design guide written

September 2018 – December 2019

Budget 100’000 CHF

Cooperation with three employees

Mechanical and electrical industry