Market analysis for a high voltage component

The company CONDIS SA wanted to expand its product portfolio. I was asked to analyze in which market segment the planned investments are best invested.

A patent analysis gave me an overview of the applications in which the high-voltage component is used and what its important characteristic values are. To look ahead, I conducted an in-depth scientific literature review. My market knowledge and an extended internet research were the basis for my competitor analysis.

CONDIS SA got a comprehensive picture of the market through my analysis. In addition, I was able to point out which is the most promising segment for future growth and what requirements their high-voltage component would have to meet to achieve this.

Targets and key figures

Eight main market segments elaborated
Relative size of market segments determined
Absolute size of the most lucrative market estimated
Most important competitors identified

March – April 2019

Budget 8’000 CHF

Independent project work

Mechanical and electrical industry