Optimizing IP strategy and cost of patents

Optimizing IP strategy and cost of patents

The patent portfolio of SELFRAG AG consists of over 100 patents in 15 patent families. This portfolio had to be managed and its costs had to be periodically estimated for the budget.

I have set up a management tool in Excel in which all important processes relating to patents can be recorded. In addition, necessary deadlines can be tracked. An algorithm specially developed by me calculates the costs from the parameters of the respective patent family with a temporal resolution of six months.

In addition, I have adapted the existing monthly patent research to analyse the behaviour of the competition and thus noticeably reduced the costs with almost the same quality of information.

Objectives and key figures

  • Five patent applications of SELFRAG AG in 25 countries analysed
  • Algorithm for cost prediction created
  • Management tool coded in Excel
  • When researching, the non-relevant patents halved

September 2018 – February 2019

Budget 60’000 CHF

Individual work

Mechanical engineering and electrical industry

“Dr Müller Siebert organized our patent activities and implemented a transparent data system for our patents.”
Johannes Käppeler