Project manager – Flexible high-voltage generator

Project manager – Flexible high-voltage generator

A flexible high-voltage pulse generator in combination with a continuously operating conveyor system was necessary for the process development in selective material fragmentation.

The generator had to be adjustable independently in the following parameters: voltage, energy per pulse and inductance. That is why I designed the generator so that voltages (40kV – 200kV), capacitance (2.5nF – 75nF) and number of stages (2 – 4) could be selected via the control.

I also created and implemented a new concept for conveying the materials to be treated, a metallic conveyor belt as a counter electrode.

Objectives and key figures

  • Plant is the basis of over 50 new customer processes
  • Prototype after two changes in production
  • Commissioning after seven months
  • Deviation from the budget less than 20%
  • Independent project team working
  • Efficient Skype meetings with external partners
  • Design phase shortened through simulations
  • Generator parameters can be reconfigured in 15 seconds via the control
  • Increase in process efficiency by a conveyor system
  • Two patents pending

March 2011 – November 2011

Budget 400’000 CHF

Six team members

Mechanical engineering and electrical industry

Patent applications