Project manager – Innovative high voltage pulse generator

Project manager – Innovative high voltage pulse generator

A new generator should be characterized by a higher reliability and cost reduction compared to the previous models.

First, I commissioned two independent research institutes to conduct basic analyses of various generator principles.

My team and I used a functional model to check the key properties and gain experience in building the prototype. This was designed and built as part of a customer project. I was able to meet the ambitious framework of the project.

Objectives and key figures

  • Cost variance from budget less than 20%
  • Efficient project control through new methods
  • Two external team partners evaluated and integrated
  • Heavy-duty components reduced from 18 to 6
  • High-voltage cascade works perfectly up to 250kV
  • New 30kW converter in specification
  • Suitable suppliers evaluated
  • Test scope reduced through simulations
  • Patented safety device

July 2012 – September 2013

Budget 1’000’000 CHF

Seven team members

Mechanical engineering and electrical industry

Patent application