Optical in-situ measurement

For industrial application in a difficult environment, an optical in-situ monitoring of fast pressure changes should be developed. This is based on a Bragg grating in an optical fiber. The laser wavelength was controlled to the grating. A change in the grating constant caused a variation in the light reflection.

Within a CTI project with EMPA in Thun, I designed this method. In addition, we developed an evaluation algorithm based on machine learning (AI).

A test with the prototype proved the suitability of this method.

Targets and key figures

Project accepted by Innosuisse
Machine learning (AI) used
New technical approach (fiber optics and acoustics)
Requirements of the specifications exceeded
Costs below budget
One patent pending

February 2014 – February 2017

Budget 1’300’000 CHF

Five employees in the team

Mechanical and electrical industry

Patent application