Strategic roadmap for development

Strategic roadmap for development

The aim of this technical roadmap was to show different possible ways of technical development for the next five years.

I first identified and categorized the technical development areas in relation to the current company strategy. Using a multi-stage stage-gate principle, I have defined measurable goals (gates) for each category. Then I estimated the time, human and financial resources for achieving the goal (stages). All information was visualized in an MS project. I discussed various scenarios from the roadmap with the management.

Objectives and key figures

  • 40 projects created in six development areas
  • 160 measurable goals (gates) defined
  • Estimated schedule, cost, and work for 160 goals
  • 18 of 40 projects were implemented
  • Correct duration for 80% of implemented projects
  • Costs correct in 70% of implemented projects
  • Planning created in MS Project

September 2015 – February 2016

Budget 7’000 CHF

Cooperation with four employees

Mechanical engineering and electrical industry