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  • I am a technical interim manager

    I am a technical interim manager

    So what is this: a technical interim manager? This is probably the question one or two people are asking themselves when they see the title of this blog. The answer in simple terms: someone who brings a deep understanding of technical principles and combines this with a lot of experience in technical development. She or…

  • Courage 2020

    Courage 2020

    Being courageous means: Consider risks, but don’t let them block your way Dare to take steps into the unknown – rather small, but many Getting help finding the right path, instead of being directionless on the road Start something new when others are still waiting For 2020, I wish you a lot of courage and…

  • A wormhole for your problems

    A wormhole for your problems

    Escaping the problems through a wormhole is the plot for many science fiction movies. How would it be if you too could manage your problems in this way? Now wormholes are theoretically possible, but have not yet been observed in practice. But in a figurative sense, this is an approach: If you see the wormhole…