Interim CTO / Head of Engineering

I took over the overall technical responsibility for a start-up company in the early existence phase (post-seek). This included strategic and operational aspects.

On the strategic side, I realigned the technical USP. The goal was to provide sufficient protection for the technology. Through detailed analysis of the technology as a whole, I was able to identify the area on which development should focus. With the help of a focused literature and patent search, I was able to combine the existing technology with a new one. Simulations have confirmed the potential of this combined technique.

An FTO (Freedom to Operate) analysis showed that the new approach is patentable. I drafted the invention disclosure and prepared the cooperation with a renowned patent attorney’s office.

For the technical development of the company, I created the overall plan and budget and defined and prioritized the necessary measures from it.

My operational tasks included experimental testing of the new technology. For this purpose, I designed and built a functional model. It was important for me to find the most efficient way between the greatest possible significance and the use of the least possible financial resources. I performed and evaluated most of the experiments myself. The results confirmed the predictions from my simulations.

In addition to the technical aspects, I represented the company externally, in front of customers, investors, members of the press and interested parties. I investigated various funding opportunities (Swiss and European innovation programs) and took responsibility for a funding application to the EIC (European Innovation Council).

To build a professional development department, I defined the job profiles of the necessary employees.

Targets and key figures

Strategic alignment analyzed and redefined
New technological approaches tested with simulations
FTO clarified
Patenting analyzed and prepared
Overall plan for technical development created (budget, time, measures, priorities, resources)
Functional samples designed, built and tested
Job profiles created for new employees in development
Efficient and flexible IT environment implemented

From April 2021

Budget 100’000 CHF

Collaboration with five people

Start-up in B2B product development