Are interactive resumes useful?

Since a few weeks I have an interactive resume:

Reinhard Müller-Siebert – Onepager

I have summarized all the important information on one page. Significant projects of mine are each described in detail on a web page and can be viewed by clicking on the corresponding title in the interactive resume. I have also deposited essential documents on the website, where they can thus be viewed by interested parties.

This interactive resume is focused on my work as an interim manager or interim project manager. But certainly this is also an option if you are applying for a permanent position.

My reasoning for switching from the classic (17-page) to the interactive resume is:


Like many interim managers, I have managed many different projects. To map this spectrum, I have to name at least ten of them. This gives the 17 pages. A potential client may be interested in one or two of my projects. He would have to look for these in the 17 pages, and he will probably stop at page five.

In the interactive resume, the customer keeps track of everything, but can reload the information he or she needs. He is so much faster at the details that are relevant to him.

Automatic update:

With the interactive resume I have a big advantage: it updates automatically without me having to change the document myself. If I get a new testimonial, I’ll just add it to the website. Even if the interactive resume is stored locally electronically at the customer’s site, he or she can see the new testimonial. I don’t have to redo the resume and send it out.

Acting digitally in a well thought-out way

Many clients search for their interim managers online. There are now many platforms that facilitate this search and where the resume can be deposited. It is inappropriate to rely on documents that are designed for printing. On digital platforms belongs a digital document, with which the possibilities of this medium can be used well. An interactive resume goes very well with this.

What do you think? I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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