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  • People 2024

    People 2024

    People Well-organised and motivated people are essential for a successful team. It is therefore wise to value people and support them and accept their characteristics. But also to protect the team from people who only think about their own well-being. I wish you people who will tackle the challenges for 2024 with you. Together we…

  • Curiosity 2023

    Curiosity 2023

    Curiosity In it lies the joy of opening up to the unknown and giving space to the new. This also includes enthusiasm for the future. Curiosity is thus an important prerequisite for innovation. I wish you a lot of curiosity for an exciting and successful 2023.

  • Fortune 2022

    Fortune 2022

    Success is fortune, awareness and action. Fortune is meeting the right people at the right time, but that is not enough. Only those who recognize this moment as something special and turn this awareness into action will be succeessful. I wish you a lot of fortune for 2022 with the associated awareness and the action…

  • Make my success factors your

    Make my success factors your

    What are my success factors as a technical interim manager? As an abstract thinker, I have a quick grasp of things. I recognize precise mechanisms and principles behind a situation. From this, I can point out ways that are not so obvious.With this approach, I can quickly see what the main opportunities and risks are.…

  • I am a technical interim manager

    I am a technical interim manager

    So what is this: a technical interim manager? This is probably the question one or two people are asking themselves when they see the title of this blog. The answer in simple terms: someone who brings a deep understanding of technical principles and combines this with a lot of experience in technical development. She or…

  • Endure 2021

    Endure 2021

    Don’t lose sight of the goal. Keep going even when it’s difficult. Be open to new ideas based on proven. Working together, trusting and going a way together. I wish you a lot of stamina for 2021.

  • Are interactive resumes useful?

    Are interactive resumes useful?

    Since a few weeks I have an interactive resume: Reinhard Müller-Siebert – Onepager I have summarized all the important information on one page. Significant projects of mine are each described in detail on a web page and can be viewed by clicking on the corresponding title in the interactive resume. I have also deposited essential…

  • How concrete shatters

    How concrete shatters

    Simulation of fast processes through autodynefficient – cost-effective – flexible If very fast processes in the range of less than one millisecond have to be studied, the experimental effort is enormous. Another option is explicit simulation. This makes it easy to calculate and visualize fast processes. The advantages of this particular simulation are illustrated in…

  • Courage 2020

    Courage 2020

    Being courageous means: Consider risks, but don’t let them block your way Dare to take steps into the unknown – rather small, but many Getting help finding the right path, instead of being directionless on the road Start something new when others are still waiting For 2020, I wish you a lot of courage and…

  • Dodge the stone

    Dodge the stone

    Get a “passenger” and avoid damage The other day I read in the newspaper about a tragic accident. A motorist had crashed into a stone in the center of a newly constructed traffic circle. He had not seen the stone. He drove the work route twice a day and thought he knew it blind. Such…