Make my success factors your

What are my success factors as a technical interim manager?

As an abstract thinker, I have a quick grasp of things. I recognize precise mechanisms and principles behind a situation. From this, I can point out ways that are not so obvious.
With this approach, I can quickly see what the main opportunities and risks are. In the development of my products and processes, this has often led to astonishingly simple solutions.

On most of my projects, I wore the hats of both project manager and subject matter expert at the same time.
As a project manager, I react quickly and creatively to situations. For example, when the customer’s requirement changed, I was faced with delivery problems, or when tests showed surprising results.
As a subject matter expert, my pursuit of a good technical solution is required. My discipline and my will to persevere help me in this. Whether it is adapting plant components to set boundary conditions or checking new concepts, for example by means of simulations.

I have carried out my projects at different companies. From start-ups with a family-like corporate culture to medium-sized companies with a deeper hierarchical structure to process-driven corporations. I can work well in all these environments.
Important to me are my values of “straightforwardness,” “openness” and “thoughtful action,” which are compatible with all successful corporate cultures.

As a practical physicist, I have broad experience in these technical areas:
I know the methods of innovationand project management. Not only theoretically, but also in practical implementation. I use various tools to ensure that projects are managed efficiently and effectively.
I have proven my qualities as a leader with various development and project teams. In the process, I have always built powerful teams that I am proud of.

Use my success factors.


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