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  • Analysis of a spark gap

    Analysis of a spark gap

    My assignment was to develop a medical device with a shock wave triggered by a fast spark gap. Several spark gaps are installed in the device, which are supposed to ignite with a time difference of a few milliseconds. The existing design of the spark gaps and the associated high-voltage unit showed two undesirable effects […]

  • Consulting on high-voltage issues

    Consulting on high-voltage issues

    SELFRAG AG needed advice and support for its development teams in the areas of high voltage and control. Evaluating new design proposals for their high-voltage suitability and, in some cases, developing alternatives have been a large part of my consulting work. I performed parametric FEM simulations for the high-voltage team. This made it possible to…

  • Cost reduction of a high voltage device

    Cost reduction of a high voltage device

    For a product family, I should verify the savings potential, independent of my customer’s internal development. To do this, I analyzed the cost structure for the key components of the high-voltage device. The focus of my work was on the cost drivers, for which I was able to develop several significantly cheaper alternatives. For each…

  • Market analysis for a high voltage component

    Market analysis for a high voltage component

    The company CONDIS SA wanted to expand its product portfolio. I was asked to analyze in which market segment the planned investments are best invested. A patent analysis gave me an overview of the applications in which the high-voltage component is used and what its important characteristic values are. To look ahead, I conducted an…

  • Innovative high voltage pulse generator

    Innovative high voltage pulse generator

    Initial situation Pulse generators are characterized by a high electrical and mechanical load. Most components are therefore designed at their load limits. The greatest loads occur when the generator is discharged quickly. In contrast, the loads in the slow charging phase are low. Typical pulse generators have a Marx design that produces high discharge voltages…

  • Flexible high voltage generator

    Flexible high voltage generator

    Initial situation For process development in selective material comminution, I developed a flexible high-voltage pulse generator in combination with a continuously operating conveyor system. The generator had to be flexible in the following parameters: voltage, energy per pulse and inductance. The parameters should be independently adjustable. Therefore I designed the generator so that voltages (40kV…