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  • Interim CTO / Head of Engineering

    Interim CTO / Head of Engineering

    I took over the overall technical responsibility for a start-up company in the early existence phase (post-seek). This included strategic and operational aspects. On the strategic side, I realigned the technical USP. The goal was to provide sufficient protection for the technology. Through detailed analysis of the technology as a whole, I was able to […]

  • Consulting on high-voltage issues

    Consulting on high-voltage issues

    SELFRAG AG needed advice and support for its development teams in the areas of high voltage and control. Evaluating new design proposals for their high-voltage suitability and, in some cases, developing alternatives have been a large part of my consulting work. I performed parametric FEM simulations for the high-voltage team. This made it possible to…

  • Patent analysis for FTO

    Patent analysis for FTO

    Two patents were to be analyzed in terms of restricting my client’s business – Freedom-to-Operate (FTO). I clarified whether the procedures proposed in the patent were of interest to my client, and how the patents could be circumvented if necessary. Targets and key figures February – July 2019 Budget 3’000 CHF Independent project work Plastics…

  • Optimization of the IP strategy

    Optimization of the IP strategy

    The patent portfolio at SELFRAG AG consists of over 100 patents in 15 patent families. This portfolio had to be managed and its costs periodically estimated for the budget. I have set up a management tool in Excel in which all the important processes relating to patents can be recorded. In addition, necessary deadlines can…

  • Implementation digital business processes

    Implementation digital business processes

    The Bern Bach Choir has 130 active members and organizes two concerts a year for an audience of up to 1`000 people. It is organized as an association, economically independent and has one employee, the conductor. I have honorary responsibility for the financial, administrative and HR areas. In this role, I digitized the entire business…

  • Strategic roadmap

    Strategic roadmap

    The aim of this technical roadmap was to show different ways of technical development of the company for the next five years. I identified and categorized the technical development fields in relation to the current company strategy. Following a multi-level stage-gate principle, I defined measurable goals (gates) for each category. I then estimated time, human,…