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  • Feasibility electric fish barrier

    Feasibility electric fish barrier

    The environmental engineering client was tasked with preventing the migration of juvenile fish through the water intake for a power plant. This is to be done by an electrical barrier consisting of several electrodes with different voltages. It is designed to produce an approximately linear increase in the electric field in the direction of flow […]

  • Verification of a flexible clamp

    Verification of a flexible clamp

    A flexible power terminal for connecting busbars for energy transport was developed by Sefag Components AG for a customer. To minimize the scope and cost of the test, I was asked to use FEM simulations to verify that the clamp design met the thermal and mechanical specifications. I modeled the terminal parametrically and used it…

  • Optical in-situ measurement

    Optical in-situ measurement

    For industrial application in a difficult environment, an optical in-situ monitoring of fast pressure changes should be developed. This is based on a Bragg grating in an optical fiber. The laser wavelength was controlled to the grating. A change in the grating constant caused a variation in the light reflection. Within a CTI project with…

  • Innovative high voltage pulse generator

    Innovative high voltage pulse generator

    Initial situation Pulse generators are characterized by a high electrical and mechanical load. Most components are therefore designed at their load limits. The greatest loads occur when the generator is discharged quickly. In contrast, the loads in the slow charging phase are low. Typical pulse generators have a Marx design that produces high discharge voltages…

  • EMC certification

    EMC certification

    A high power pulse machine is a large source of electromagnetic interference (40 GA/s and 30 TV/s). For a laboratory application, this machine had to comply with the requirements for EMC in an industrial environment. In addition, the internal control system, in particular the safety control system, must not be affected by the interference. To…

  • Flexible high voltage generator

    Flexible high voltage generator

    Initial situation For process development in selective material comminution, I developed a flexible high-voltage pulse generator in combination with a continuously operating conveyor system. The generator had to be flexible in the following parameters: voltage, energy per pulse and inductance. The parameters should be independently adjustable. Therefore I designed the generator so that voltages (40kV…

  • Fast analysis system

    Fast analysis system

    Initial position In high-performance pulse systems, each pulse is analyzed to control the efficiency of the entire system. For the analysis, several complex mathematical calculations must be performed within 20ms. Initially, a system consisting of a PC, a measuring card and a self-written software was available. This system was not suitable for industrial use and…